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How We Work

Pop Recovery Systems is a post-operation service designed to help women thrive after cosmetic surgery.

We are here to help guide you through the healing process and teach you the best methodologies to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle.

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Mental Health Monitoring Program

We’ll help you navigate through the many thoughts and feelings uncovered after surgery with dedicated mental health support.

What we offer: Counseling sessions with our licensed Mental Health Specialists who are dedicated to helping patients breaking detrimental habits and building fresh, new ones.

This expertise will help you overcome challenges many women experience during the most delicate times of recovery. You don’t have to go through it alone.

Our mental health services range from coming off of pain medication, avoiding alcohol, creating a new mentality towards food, and breaking other potentially destructive habits in order to achieve the best recovery results.

Personalized Nutrition

Our group of Registered Dietitians and Certified Nutrition Coaches use their experience and expertise to customize the best plan for the patient.

Surgery requires a certain diet to heal faster and safer. We use PLANT-BASED nutritional supplements, one-on-one nutritional coaching, and customized plans for specific procedures.

Recipes are curated individually by the nutritionist, based on the specific needs of the patients.

Our plans range from continued weight loss to feeding fat.

Nutrition implementation can make or break surgery, by having a dedicated support system in this area, you are setting yourself up for success.


We take your recovery a step further by providing you with a valuable course dedicated solely to sustaining your results.

This educational course gives you 35 years of anti-aging guidance in 12 weeks. The information will last you a lifetime, and so will your surgery results!


There are parts of planning the variables surrounding surgery that are completely separate from the doctor or even the surgery itself.

For example, you may need a recovery home or a nurse at your home. If you are traveling, having transportation arranged before for pre and post-surgery is a good thing to consider. All of these variables can be incredibly overwhelming during surgery.

Our Concierge Team will start working with you four weeks out from your surgery.

What we offer: Assisting you in organizing everything you may need for recovery post-surgery. From garments, to nurses, to organizing delivered meals that are included in your meal plan, we’ve got you covered. Having these smaller nuances taken care of can provide immense relief.

You shouldn’t be alone in this process, and with Make It Pop & Big Butts No Lies, we will make sure that you aren’t!


Our Primary Care Team consists of OR Registered Nurses and is led by our Pop Recovery Systems Physician. They are dedicated to ensuring that any medical alarms or concerns that arise are communicated with your plastic surgeon. They will also give professional advice to find immediate solutions.

This staff is dedicated to making sure patients are healthy throughout the process of their surgery journey.


With our community platform, you’ll have access to our community forever. This community is a realistic, positive, safe place to express the up and down emotions that are natural during post-surgery.

Gather tips and advice from women who have experienced similar struggles.

Community package includes:

  • Ability to interact with trainers and coaches through the group forum
  • LIVE monthly webinars with our expert coaches to answer questions and provide tips as you continue your recovery journey
  • Yearly, in-person events to support the growing community
  • Monthly access to special expert guests on different surgery subjects
  • Direct interaction and relationship building with like-minded women
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