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About Pop Recovery Systems

Creating a preparation and  postoperative recovery plan for bariatric and plastic surgery shouldn’t be a daunting task. Yet, strangely enough, it is! You can easily find information online but most of it is false and not reliable. Likewise, there’s no shortage of people claiming to know the answers to your deepest questions and concerns but they are just as misled as you are. 

What’s even more notably absent is a way to find answers from vetted professionals with years of experience and professionals who can mediate. 

Our Founder, Laura Alexis, knows this firsthand.

She experienced it herself.

After 15 years of the brutal fight between herself and the reflection in the mirror, our creator, Laura, had finally had enough. From adolescent eating disorders to multiple fad diets, and “fast fix” therapies, she had tried them all. She found that some were temporary fixes, but they were never long-lasting.

After pregnancies, countless yo-yo diets, and weight transitions that affected her stomach, she knew without cosmetic surgery she wouldn’t accomplish the image she wished to see in the mirror.

Despite being afraid of invasive surgery, she overcame her fears and had a tummy tuck with liposuction, and that is when a brand-new roller-coaster ride commenced.

Silhouette of sad woman

She was not prepared for the emotional turmoil and physical discomfort she went through.

In the months to follow, she felt completely alone and isolated in her struggles, with very few resources to help mediate what was going on in her mind and her body.

Having dealt with this hardship alone, she felt the need to provide her fellow women with an experience she wished she had.

She also found during the trials of this system, which are still active, that many plastic and  bariatric patients were experiencing the same thing she went through with no reliable relief. 

Pop Recovery Systems is her gift to you.

Pop Recovery Systems was created to counteract the terrible things that are happening in the bariatrics and plastics communities. In both communities, patients are being gouged financially and then not getting enough support. Most support groups are not individualized and are traumatized people trying to assist in the healing of traumatized people. She firmly believes you must be healed to help others heal. 

During this program, you’ll learn about what not to do, who not to work with, and how to thrive on your journey the way that fits you best. Whether you have found your surgeon or are looking for one. Pop Recovery Systems has you covered. Most importantly, you’ll receive the essential support and care needed to thrive after surgery.

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